Client, partner, friend: they all mean the same thing.

cSquaredE has had the good fortune and privilege to work for a variety of clients from shoestring start-ups to business units of multi-billion dollar corporations. We have found a niche in that mid-market space where a company is standing solid on firm ground but has the potential to scale into the stratosphere. It’s not revenue size or market potential that makes cSquaredE a good collaborator; it’s a shared vision for the future and an agreement to follow proven methods and strategies to get there.

Some recent cSquaredE clients:

  • >$1 billion global SaaS company
  • $200 million enterprise supply chain software company
  • $80 million computer peripherals manufacturer and video streaming software publisher
$60 million clinical decision support and clinical documentation software business
  • $50 million international packaging, RFID and stored-value card manufacturer
  • $50 million provider of motion control and automation solutions
  • $30 million private-equity backed supply chain software company
  • $20 million language translation services / SaaS provider
  • $15 million clinical surveillance SaaS company
  • $5 million Ecommerce and shipping software company
  • $5 million asset tracking SaaS company
  • $5 million SaaS company serving family law professionals and courts
  • Pre-revenue mobile application and analytics start-up



Chad is one of the best when it comes to leading product management and marketing. His balance of market intelligence, positioning, technology, coaching, and pure drive make him an exceptional fit for a tough position. I was fortunate to work with Chad on a number of initiatives to help grow my business on the sales side; I was always impressed with his ability to deliver, and his willingness to go the extra mile, allowing me to best leverage my time. I would definitely recommend Chad.
VP of Sales, $20 million language translation services / SaaS provider

I highly recommend cSquaredE as a strategy and M&A advisor. I hired them initially to help identify attractive market segments for a new enterprise SaaS offering, which led to additional work to define pricing and develop a full business plan. cSquaredE then played a role in our acquisition program, helping identify attractive targets, engaging with those management teams, managing our funnel, creating valuation and synergy models, as well as assisting in defining a go-to-market plan for us post close.

GM/VP Strategy and Marketing, $80 million computer peripherals manufacturer

Chad brings business savvy to his research and consulting. On numerous occasions, Chad has really helped us understand market opportunities and competitive landscapes, leading to an improved investment strategy for new products and markets we’re exploring.
CEO, $50 million international packaging, RFID and stored-value card manufacturer

cSquaredE played critical strategy and marketing roles for our organization. I brought them on initially to determine a plan for a product that was not reaching its full potential. By the end of their tenure 3+ years later, cSquaredE was directing marketing for two of our solutions. cSquaredE successfully earned the respect of everyone across all departments and executives, and was a catalyst for many new initiatives in marketing. Specifically, they drove improvements in demand generation, business intelligence, digital marketing, thought leadership, sales enablement and customer relations.
VP of Marketing, $60 million healthcare software business

It is never easy to decide what strategic programs and markets we should be investing in (or not investing in). cSquaredE brings us a set of tools and experience that lead us to sound conclusions about our potential funding areas. cSquaredE is a great asset to our team because the firm allows us to focus on the day-to-day of running the business, while they conduct the research to help us ensure we are ready for what is next in our marketplace.
COO, $200 million enterprise supply chain software company

I gladly recommend cSquaredE as a strategy and consulting practice. I hired them to help refine our business plan. They began by interviewing our management team, some customers and channel partners, and then presented a thoughtful view of our company’s SWOT. This helped us with crystallizing our growth story, gaining a better understanding of financial considerations and helping us to focus on key performance indicators. I have high regard for cSquaredE and enjoyed working with them.
CEO, $10M SaaS business

Chad is gifted with strong leadership skills and the business acumen required to respond to the complex challenges faced in the technology sector. Chad has outstanding communication abilities and a highly analytical mind. I have nothing but the highest regard for his professionalism and knowledge. Chad was both supportive and collaborative.
Director of Marketing, $80 million software publisher