You can build a better mousetrap. So what? Customers don’t flock to your offerings just because you have the latest and greatest technology or a hungry sales force.

You can run a million miles a minute, field a thousand emails a day, rally the troops and make a lot of noise. You can think you’re making things happen – but the market may not care. The market may not even exist.

With our broad-based background in technology, general management, strategy, M&A, and marketing, cSquaredE can help you direct your energies toward the activities that have the greatest chance for producing the highest value.

Our Capabilities Include:

Market segmentation and attractiveness

Identifying segments that are real and where your business can win, honing your aim

Company and product positioning

Defining your true value proposition for the buyer persona that matters

Market research and voice of customer
Qualitative and quantitative, primary and secondary … diagnosing the market to help determine attractiveness
Acquisition target identification, deal flow
Defining the investment thesis, curating market players and extending an outreach to start the conversation
Due diligence and business plan evaluation

Analyzing the details, talking to management and uncovering the essence of the business

Financial modeling and analysis

Generating DCF’s and valuation models with rigor

Organizational assessment and recommendations

Identifying A’s, B’s and C’s and defining how to align the people with the processes

Product management and marketing

Defining market problems, go-to-market strategy and tactical marketing plans